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Factors Affecting Network Management

It is important to closely monitor the systems with proper network and element management applications. The job of network managers is to identify, diagnose and resolve any performance issues that are there within the system. Network management is vital for all kinds of business enterprises. For smooth running of the business operations, all the components […]

11 Dec, 2014 geek by heart

Information Technology

Information Technology are services that are used in all facilities. These services provide all of the technical information that is needed in the facility. To be part of this kind of team, people must have a firm grasp on all modern technology. This technology includes but is not limited to: knowing all about modern computers, […]

8 Nov, 2014 geek by heart

Benefits of Using An IT Managed Service Provider

Outsourcing tech needs to an IT managed service provider instead of addressing them in house has several advantages, particularly for companies that must preserve capital or are looking for ways to reduce tech costs long-term. Could receiving web-based support from a managed service provider be advantageous for your company? If it has the following tech […]

29 Oct, 2014 geek by heart

Technology Timeline

Here at Geek by Heart we love anything and everything technology.  While going through YouTube videos, I found this gem by Innovations, Inc.  It’s a series of timelines, this timeline is from the 80s-90s.

28 Oct, 2014 geek by heart